Elite Techniques, Inc. - Excellence...in Action

  Licensed in 
 South Carolina,  North Carolina,  Georgia,
Florida, and  Mississippi

   Field Services:

Genuine Geoprobe
Direct Push Sampling
Soil Sampling
Groundwater Sampling
Monitoring Well Installation
Auger Drill Rigs
Mud Rotary
Air Rotary
     SPT Drop Hammer
  Membrane Interface Probe
                                                      Soil Conductivity
                                                    Well Sampling
                                                     Pre-Packed Well Screens
                                                    Water Wells
                                                     Well Maintenance
                                                     Well Abandonment

*Over 25 Years of Professional Experience in:

Rugged Terrain Sampling
Low Flow Sampling

Building Inspection Services:
-SC & NC Certified Building Inspector
-Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint
-Friable Abatement
-Non-Friable Abatement